The exhibit centers on high-fashion, heavy vegetable re-tanned leathers for classic men’s shoes, bags and belt leather, produced with recipes incorporating Eskatan GLSW, Cutapol LAP and Cutapol TIS-VT.
Cutapol LAP significantly improves the elasticity of the grain, so even leather produced with strong retans can be processed without grain cracks. A combination of Cutapol TIS-VT and Eskatan GLSW gives especially soft, full leather with an excellent tight grain.
Tannit REP can be added to re-tanning floats to enhance grain tightness. This melamine resin from DyStar’s new range of powder syntans with a strong filling effect on bellies and shoulder areas greatly improves cutting yield. Efficient dispersion of vegetable re-tanning agents is essential for uniform fullness and tightness of grain. Dystar are presenting Tannit DPS as an ideal product for this.
DyStar will also exhibit articles containing little or no vegetable tanning agent with good fastness to light and heat. Tannit STP, a liquid syntan for a broad spectrum of applications, is a real problem-solver giving a strong filling effect and outstanding fastness properties.
The company have continued to extend their compact range of dyes for leather and fur. Alongside a wide variety of shades that can be dyed readily with combinations of the company’s existing dyes, the exhibit includes new dyes such as Solvaderm Brown MF-GO. This warm, neutral, mid-brown has no reddish cast and is particularly suitable for shoe upper leather. Its main features are good penetration, high build-up and excellent value for money.
Another recent development is Solvaderm Grey MC-CC, which meets the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. This dye has a neutral to slightly-greenish cast and can be used for a wide range of shades including pale pastels with excellent penetration to a strong mid-grey.
The company’s second new grey dye, Solvaderm Grey MC-GB, also has excellent fastness properties. It has a blue cast and excellent penetration and can be used for both pale and heavy shades of grey. In top dyeing it can also produce a strong anthracite. This dye is suitable for all types of leather, including automotive, clothing, upholstery, shoe and bag leather.
Brilliant deep black shades on full-grain and velour leather and fur can be obtained with another new dye: Solvaderm Black MC-FK. Its neutral shade and high fastness properties are suitable for penetration dyeing and, above all, top dyeing. It is highly suitable for double-face dyeings with wool resist.
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