Elitron is set to attract more attention than ever at Simac this week, as it launches a few new gems.

The NEW Visio acquisition table & software and a fully upgraded Plaza TH cutting system which is a must see for those seeking maximum flexibility and productivity.

Naturally Elitron's best-selling Booster cutting system will be taking stage. It too has been further upgraded and now comes with the most advanced recognition technology for printed materials and leather.

The NEW Visio acquisition table comes with the latest digital technology from Elitron: the Elitron Digital Infrared or EDI as it's known internally. This infrared pen allows the operator to identify holes or marks on the leather hide but without actually marking the leather at all! No more having to check the screen continually, the digital marks are clearly visible and colour coded directly on the leather. Not only does this save time but it's also far more ergonomic and practical for the operator.

Together with the optimised nesting software, the digital dies are nested for maximum material yield, with waste kept to a bare minimum.

The highly acclaimed Plaza TH cutting system, has been upgraded for even more flexibility and productivity. The two gantries and two cutting heads can work in four different configurations:

using the whole working area to cut using 2 x 5 tools;
using the alternating work mode, between cutting, placing the hides and picking the cut/waste materials;
dividing the working area for the "custom cutting" setting which literally divides one cutting system into two;
using the whole working are to cut using 10 tools with one principal cutting head and one for extra job-specific tools.
Elitron have also upgraded and optimized the sectored vacuum system for material adhesion. The new High Efficiency Suction (HES) is highly energy efficient, to reduce your energy bill with less impact on the environment.

Optimise your complete workflow using Visio and Plaza inline, with Opera software for the very best nesting results, with very little waste. Increase you overall yearly material savings now using Opera.

The upgraded Booster cutting system will be producing live at Simac, with an actual Elitron customer, Sandro Storani, owner of S.D.E, on hand to give you his feedback firsthand. Don't miss the chance to speak to him and see his workflow.

The upgraded Booster will be demonstrating the new Seeker System vision technology for all your printed materials and leathers. This sophisticated camera and software system identifies the printed reference points and uses these to synchronize and manage the cutting path with extreme precision, automatically.

Don't miss the latest technology for printed materials and cutting in perfect harmony.

See all for yourself, and the team looks forward to meeting you: Hall 18, Stand F42.