Monte Urano, 27th Semptember 2021 – Great to be back in the saddle and see familiar and new faces in Milan last week. Although the fair itself may not have been as busy as previous editions, the quality the visitors and their intentions made it all very worthwhile for Elitron.

Simac remains an important event in Elitron’s trade fair calendar and a great platform for the launch of new and updated cutting systems and software dedicated to the Fashion sector and more…

Elitron’s best-selling Booster cutting system took center stage, alongside the Kudos conveyer cutting system, the Visio nesting system, and the multi-function Plaza T for the toughest cutting jobs.

A perfect range of systems to respond to the demands of today’s cutting requirements for leather, synthetics, printed materials, rigid sole materials and more, whilst being ready to address tomorrow’s challenges.

Elitron’s Booster system now comes with the NEW Seeker System technology: the most advanced, proprietary, vision system for all printed materials and leather. This sophisticated camera and software system identifies the printed reference points on materials and uses these to synchronize and manage the cutting path for extreme cutting precision, all automatically. With two working areas, Booster makes light of all your cutting jobs.

The KUDOS conveyor cutting system has been specifically engineered to perfectly cut leather and synthetic roll materials for footwear and leather goods: 2 x gantries and 2 x multi-tool cutting heads distinguish this highly innovative, high-performance technology, with faster acceleration and cutting speeds, which increase productivity by 40% compared to the previous models.

Dedicated for the upholstery and automotive markets, the PLAZA T systems tick all the boxes for increased productivity and larger formats, with a full working area of up to 6200 x 2500 mm: 2 gantries and 2 multi-tool cutting heads able to cut 1 full leather hide using 2 cutting heads contemporarily for non-stop production. Cutting on one side, whilst nesting on the other, then collecting the pieces on one side whilst cutting on the other.

The Plaza T is a fully multi-function system for even toughest cutting jobs.

Elitron’s Visio acquisition and nesting system comes with the latest digital technology from Elitron: the Elitron Digital Infrared or EDI as it’s known. This infrared pen allows the operator to identify quality areas, holes, and marks on the leather hide but without marking the leather at all! No more having to check the screen continually, the digital marks are clearly visible and colour-coded directly on the leather. Not only does this save time but it’s also far more ergonomic and practical for the operator.

The Elitron cutting range all come as standard with Elitron’s dynamic vacuum system, the new High Efficiency Suction (HES), for the most effective material hold. This has recently been upgraded and optimized for even stronger material adhesion, whilst being more energy efficient, to reduce your energy bill, and help save the environment.

Nesting can be carried out manually, using the Elitron Video Projection system, or automatically to speed up pre-cutting preparation. Choose from Elitron’s innovative automatic nesting software OPERA, both for roll materials or leather hides, with the best possible yield calculated automatically before your eyes, or the most advanced and innovative NesCUT software which identifies printed logos and patterns and nests the digital dies accordingly, to guarantee perfect centering and alignment time after time.

Assisted material collection, using the Video Projection feature speeds up the collection process by clearly identifying the cut pieces to guide the operator for fast and effective removal.

About Elitron

For over 30 years Elitron has been responding to global challenges with futuristic technologies.

We are a leading company in the robotic cutting and automation sector, which operates with European headquarters in Italy, in Monte Urano, and American headquarters in Atlanta operating throughout North and South America.

We work in several sectors, designing and producing systems and software for the leather, packaging, digital printing, and industrial sectors. Our strength is the ability to transfer the acquired know-how from sector to sector, guaranteeing transversality of knowledge and skills and therefore extraordinary accuracy for each process!

Highly qualified engineers and technicians take care of the entire production process, from the initial project to the realization of the final product, all 100% Made in Italy. Not single products, but integrated systems.

Each cut is technology, passion, and challenge. Our goals are precision and efficiency, so we always get the most out of each cut and automation.

Elitron realizes each project by working in close cooperation with its customers to offer solutions capable of satisfying their production needs even with integrated systems, able to deal with modern workloads and always be ready for the future challenges.