The government data was analyzed by the Center for the Tanning Industries of Brazil (CICB).

As for the total exported in square meters, 13.4 million were shipped in June, 6.1% below the same month of 2021, but 19.4% higher than May, when the total was 11.2 million m2.

The first half of the year ended with exports of US$666.5 million, down 1.9% compared to the same period in 2021, and 19.5% lower in commercialized area, with 73.6 million square meters.

The semester ended with a decline in total value at -1.9%, and volume at -19.5% in area and -18.3% in weight. In spite of this, June was the second-best month of the year in exports, with a total of US$114.7 million, second only to March, with US$120.2 million.

Even with a drop of 3.6% from June 2021, there was an improvement of 5.1% over the total for the month of May, reversing a downward trend in results that began in April. Furthermore, the improvement in June was also in exported area, which was very close to the March total. In terms of weight, June showed the biggest result, with 32,500 tons shipped.