The Chamber of the Footwear Industry of Guanajuato (CICEG), Mexico, presented the digital platform called “Guanajuato Offer”, which aims to speed up contact with its local buyers. Entrepreneurs seek to reduce their stocks due to the drop in sales due to the pandemic and push the reactivation of their domestic market.

Alfredo Padilla Villalpando, president of the CICEG, explained that “many factories, due to Covid-19, had order cancellation, with an impact on their cash flow, in addition to important inventories of finished products, kept in warehouses. These products have not been able to be placed in traditional channels such as department stores, shoe stores or catalogs, since the speed of consumption in the domestic market is relatively low ”.

With this premise, and the help of the State Government's Sustainable Economic Development Secretariat, "Guanajuato Offer" seeks to promote the offer of footwear manufactured in the Guanajuato state cluster.