The world’s premier tanneries from France will be in Dubai to showcase their finest quality leather products as the Middle East’s only dedicated leather trade show kicks off on 4 May.


Around 15 French tanneries, famous for their reputation as high-end leather producers, will display a range of hides at the inaugural edition of Leatherworld Middle East at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.


On view will be a complete range of leathers fashioned from cow, buffalo, sheep and goat hide, as well as more exotic leathers made from crocodile, alligator, lizard and python skins, as the French endeavour to captivate influential regional buyers.


Included on the list of top-flight French tanneries is Gordon Choisy, owned by luxury goods manufacturer Hermes, and Bodin Joyeux, owned by global fashion house Chanel, which employs about 100 employees and produces nearly 600,000 lambskins a year.


Another headline French name is Tannerie Sovos Grosjean, founded in 1864, and renowned for its full-grain cattle hides designed for interior design, furniture, boating, aviation, leather goods, case making, shoes and wristwatches.


Other French tanneries and suppliers include LCO Group, Tanneries Haas, HCP Exotic Leathers, Degermann, Pechdo, Alran, Remy Carriat, Megissserie de la Moliere, La Megisserie Sofacuir and ATC Tannery Chemicals.


The strong French connection will be further complemented by two of Leatherworld Middle East’s supporting associations, the French Federation of Tanners, and the French Skins and Hides Syndicate.