Gruppo Mastrotto is a leading company in the field of the tanning of cattle hides in Europe, with an income of over €470 million and more than 2,400 employees spread across its 20 facilities, divided between production and logistics in Italy and abroad. The company is currently evolving in terms of human resources and is now starting an important project of social and work inclusion destined to people with disabilities.

The project is part of a structured programme of welfare and CSR initiatives launched by the Group several years ago, and previously gathered under the claim Gruppo Mastrotto Ti Dà Valore (Gruppo Mastrotto values you). It provides employees with services and benefits ranging from shopping or fuel vouchers to free vaccination campaigns; from the provision of a company canteen to scholarships for our employees’ children.

In the year of the 60th anniversary of Gruppo Mastrotto, all these initiatives converge in a structured project called People, Next Level, whose intention is to focus more and more on people, the very “human resources” that represent the first treasure and the ultimate driving force of growth and development of any organisation.

The Gruppo Mastrotto's latest initiative is therefore part of this framework: the creation of a production department completely intended for disabled people. In particular, this new project of social and work inclusion will provide people with disabilities with stable and continuous integration within the company, with particular attention to people with Down’s syndrome.

With the support of these two partners, Gruppo Mastrotto intended to open a new production department for the assembly of leather samples that, since last September, has welcomed four new interns backed up by the operators of the cooperatives. Our ultimate goal is the creation of a department which will become sustainable over time thanks to its level of productivity.

The project started almost a year ago and went through different stages: firstly, an analysis of the needs of disabled people, through the collaboration of special public services such as Servizio di Integrazione Lavorativa (SIL, Work Integration Service) and the employment agencies of Arzignano. The following part was an incubation stage, by which the selected people were able to acquire the necessary skills through an internship provided by Rinascere. Later, the interns were integrated in the actual assembly department of the company.