Nearly 50% of all respondents rated ‘environmental’ most important in choosing and buying a product; local production was also preference at 58.5%.

One interesting consequence of coronavirus restrictions is the rise in so called ‘revenge shopping’, where consumers (88.9% of those surveyed) will buy to make up for lost time. Across EU responses, ‘expensive but quality’ were the most desired items and ‘timeless’ was the most sought out (83.7%) In addition, one of the most popular growth areas is eco-responsible products, with 64.1% of Europeans (66.1% of the French and 76.2% of Italians) interested in purchasing such items and a further 30.1% willing to spend more on such products.

For those who are not planning to purchase eco-friendly fashion items, the main obstacle is price (61.8%), waiting for more affordable prices and sales to purchase.