After the ceremony, Inescop president José Mª Amat Mira and director, Dr. César Orgilés, took Camps on a tour of the facilities. After signing the guest book, the president declared that in order to increase competitiveness, it was very important to support research and quality and praised the institute’s 140 technicians.
For 36 years, Inescop has offered continuous scientific-technological services to businesses in the footwear and components sector, as a result of which the institute has become a reference on a worldwide level.
Carrying out more than 40,000 tests and analyses each year, the Institute is a world leader in areas such as quality control, research into adhesives, water-based adhesives, bio adhesives and the development of computer-aided design systems for footwear, which are currently in operation in more that 22 countries, with more than 900 software licenses distributed.
In addition, since Spain’s entry into the European Union, Inescop has participated in some 100 European projects, frequently acting as main applicant, coordinator or research performer. Spanish businesses that have worked alongside Inescop in the above-mentioned projects are estimated to have generated an income of €400 million.
For further information on the research carried out by Inescop, please refer to the article in the January/ February 2008 edition of Leather International pp46-48.