Target has been designed in answer to clients’ requests for dryers with the following performance characteristics:

  • Increased temperature compared to steam dryers.
  •  Automatic temperature adjustment ± 5°C.
  •  Lower cost compared to dryers with electrical heating systems.
  • Absence of flame burners.
  • Drying of skins with warm air only.
  • Modular construction, in order to set the appropriate temperature for each module during treatment for every 2-3 meters of length.

On the basis of these objectives set by clients, INfragas Nova Impianti used the experience acquired in the supply of over 1400 plants and drying lines throughout the world, to develop the new dryer which has the following essential characteristics:

  • Working width from 1200 to 4000 mm.
  • Length from 2000 to 4000 mm, with independent and automatic temperature adjustment on each module.
  • Working temperature adjustment from 45°C to 200°C.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Modular construction, enabling the addition of further modules when required.
  • Maximum safety thanks to absence of open flame.

The various kinds of Target drying lines are suitable for drying skins following spraying machines, roller coater, curtain coater, and padding machine. Furthermore the Target drying system can also be used to modify or increase capacity of existing lines or low temperature dryers, to improve existing toggling dryers, or change the drying system on existing steam dryers.

The other innovation to be shown at Tanning Tech is the ‘Quadra’ which offers innovative quality. Quadra’s most important advantage is the 360° stretching which allows the tanner to optimise results of the toggling operation, in terms of quality and increasing surface area, maintaining the machine’s productivity.
The skin is toggled on a stationary board: after the time preset by the processing cycle via the control panel, the frame opens automatically and stretches the skin. The frame is then fed into the dryer while, at the same time, another frame leaves the cooling station, carrying a toggled skin or skins which can easily be removed and replaced. Frame opening, feed and closing are fully automatic. The toggling cycle and pneumatic opening can be programmed directly from the electrical control panel.
Stand D21 Hall 35.