As many as 47 Italian companies of footwear, leather goods and tannery machinery participate in this year’s India International Leather Fair of Chennai in an area promoted by the Italian Trade Agency (I.C.E.), Trade Promotion Office of the Italian Embassy and by ASSOMAC, the National Association of Italian Manufacturers of Footwear, Leathergoods, Tannery Machines and Accessories. Italy is a world leader in this industrial sector. Italian exports account for more than 50% of all the exports countries manufacturing footwear, leathergoods and tanning machinery. Every year, Italian companies export more than 70% of their production to 100+ countries around the world. ASSOMAC and its member companies have been in India for many years and throughout this time they have accompanied the massive development of the local leather and footwear industry. This collaboration between suppliers and users is greatly appreciated as proven by the fact that approximately 50% of the machines currently imported by India is manufactured in Italy. It’s not just quality that set Italian machinery apart from the competition. It is also customization. Italian leather-machinery manufacturers work closely with customers to create a product that is "right" for the job, much like the relationship between suppliers and users.

Assomac and ITA Italian Trade Agency will be very pleased to welcome you to the joint area: HALL 1B – Stand 1B-03-D