Dr Wolfram Scholz has been appointed to chair the IUE commission of the IULTCS for the next four years. In this role Dr Scholz is planning to continue reviewing and updating the current IUE protocols. He will also work together with the members of the IUE commission to promote the achievements of the leather industry regarding effluent treatment, recycling, added value of by-products and innovations of solid waste treatment such as waste to energy plants. The IUE commission will continue to support the leather industry to solve the new environmental challenges, such as the increased adoption of wet-white tannage, which changes the composition and concentration of traditional effluents and consequently requires adjustments to the treatment.

Dr Wolfram Scholz will work together with the IUE members to support the joint efforts of the USHSLA, ICT, UNIDO and Leather Naturally to promote the leather industry and to continue developing suitable environmental solutions to reduce pollution and to further improve the environment and sustainability of the leather industry worldwide.