JBS Couros, world leader in leather processing, is at the Showtime Market, which is being held from December 3 to 6 in the city of High Point, North Carolina, USA. It will be presenting the latest edition of its global Authentic – Deep Into Nature collection for the furniture industry, with leathers produced in Italy, South America and Asia.

This latest version of Authentic keeps the original inspiration from nature’s four elements (water, air, earth and fire), emphasizing the leather’s natural beauty and authenticity. “In this new edition, we are working with colors that are focused on the US market, based on a survey among people directly involved in the industry to find out what the region really wants", said Max Lapegna, commercial manager at JBS Couros.

Among its differentials, the new collection offers lighter finishes that give the leather sophistication and flexibility, alongside better leather usage, adding value to the end product. “We have around 60 years’ experience developing and producing finished leathers, which means we are able to apply exclusive designs that bring together the high quality of our raw materials with industry trends, in addition to which we have a distribution platform serving not only the US but all the world’s main manufacturing centers”, said Lapegna.

Unlike some of the other raw materials used by the furniture industry, which have risen in cost, leather prices have remained stable. “This means we have been able to develop some competitive articles that offer high added value and are a significant alternative that can maximize our customers’ results”, explains Lapegna.

Based on this, JBS Couros is investing in research and development to stay ahead of the curve and develop a continuous pipeline of new ideas. “We believe in the essence of leather and want to offer consumers a sustainable as well as unique, natural and atemporal style, supplying a raw material from a guaranteed source that adds value to our customers’ products”, comments Lapegna.

JBS Couros produces leather in the wet blue, crust and finished product stages for the automotive, furniture and footwear and leather goods sectors. Its global business structure makes JBS as an obvious choice for companies that need high production capacity, quality and guaranteed delivery, allied with innovation, to meet an increasingly demanding market.

US business

JBS Couros has been investing in the US furniture sector, currently the world’s leading market for leather furniture, for 4 years. The business unit has a 3,500 ft² showroom in High Point, North Carolina, which is a permanent venue showcasing new products and collections. “We also have a distribution center in Hickory – NC, capable of warehousing 25 thousand hides and ready to meet our customers’ specific needs”, concluded Lapegna. The company also owns its own tanning unit in Cactus, Texas, from where it ships high quality US leathers to its finishing units in Europe, Asia and South America.