At the “Simac Tanning Tech” 2021 in Milan, the Italian company Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico will show the two new models of its famous fleshing pump, the P22 Dynamic and the P27 Dynamic. The new products are equipped with some important innovations, but they obviously keep the main features of the past P22, that is high-quality materials and high-level performances. These two creations, designed after years of hard work combined with the research of perfections and millimetric geometries will lead to a revolution in the fleshing pump sector.


The new P22 Dynamic and P27 Dynamic are equipped with an empty hopper “STOP&GO” system, which automatically controls the operation of the machine according to the quantity of flesh shreds present in the hopper, stopping it if the hopper is empty. Another innovation is the “Dynamic pressure management without inversion shocks” system, which allows the pump to independently choose the hydraulic oil pressure needed to eject the flesh shreds, by measuring the quantity and the density of the flesh shreds itself present in the tube and any potential clogging. Furthermore, everything happens avoiding the collision of the piston with the mechanical end stroke and the pressure increasement that would result from it.


The new functionalities lead to a lot of advantages for the user of the pump: reduced level of oil heating, because the hydraulic oil pressure is supervised and not subjected to unexpected surges; power saving and of course a reduced machinery wear, because the machine components are exposed to a minor mechanic pressure. The full control of the pump is manageable from a separated hydraulic unit, supplied with a touch screen display along with the regular manual controls. On the body of the pump there is no electronics components, to avoid the risk of damage due to the presence of water in a moist environment. Oil saving has been detected, as well as a greater productive efficiency. No water consumption is needed for the operation of the pump. 


The fact that the P27 Dynamic is 10% bigger than the P22 Dynamic is the main difference between the two pumps. Such dimension difference allows the P27 to increase its performances up to a 30% more, thanks to a bigger engine size and to high-performance geometries.

Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico with the introduction of these two products, wants to prove the absolute reliability of them, designed to work at their maximum to keep high performances over the years, and wants to underline how its machineries, because studied in the smallest details, need a minimal maintenance (estimated oil change and oil filter replacement every 5000h of actual pumping).


Costruzioni Meccaniche Persico designs its new products with the aim of supplying to the costumer the perfect machine for carrying his business, with high performances, independent in the execution of the process and reliable from the maintenance point of view.