Lamebo Company is the leading Italian producer of splitting band knives, used in different fields of leather: tanneries, on Mosconi, Poletto, Rizzi, Alpe, Linta, Mercier, Turner, Svit, etc. machines, shoe industries on Omsa, Camoga, Alberti, Ellegi,, Fortuna, Svit, etc., machines, synthetic materials on Fecken Kirfel machine, fur industry on Capdevila, Gemata, Selbeck, etc., machines, cut fields, in thickness, cork industries, leather, paper, velvet, woven-un-woven.

Sizes of blades can change from mm 2060 to mm 14000, with different width and thickness, according to the kinds of machines on which they are assembled..

Lamebo blades are known all over the world for:

– quality steel

– welding

– strightness

– perfect cut

– constant high quality