The following examples represent a selection of the latest developments which enable manufacturers to achieve excellent beamhouse, tanning, retanning and finishing results.

PELTEC X-ZYME SLR is a new enzymatic beamhouse product for the lime-free opening-up process. It is based on a non-proteolytic enzyme which opens the fiber bundling of the dermatan-sulfate-proteoclycan in a similar way like lime is doing. The advantage of this enzymatic process results in approximately 50% less waste water sludge, as well as in an improved and more uniform grain tightness. PELTEC X-ZYME SLR is applied before the unhairing process at a pH-value of 9.5 – 10. This ensures a very uniform and quick penetration before the alkaline swell of the hide starts.

LEVOTAN AT 03 is an acrylic polymer for the retannage of all types of soft chrome leather articles such as shoe nappa, automotive and furniture upholstery and garment leather. The use of LEVOTAN AT 03 results in soft leather with very good fullness, very good milling performance, improved buffing properties and a pleasant and mellow handle.

With LEVOTAN RP LANXESS offers an acrylic replacement polymer, which is designed to at least partly substitute phenolic syntans in the manufacturing of fine grain, soft and full leather articles. The product has some tanning capabilities, provides a very good softening and filling effect and disperses vegetable extracts very well. It promotes uniform dye shades, has good buffing properties and is also suitable for the production of waterproof leather.

TANIGAN GS is an anionic replacement syntan especially for the retanning of white and light colored articles, but it is also highly suitable for virtually all types of chrome leather articles, where it gives a good softness, filling effect, whiteness and tightness. The product can also be used as a self-tanning material in the manufacturing of wet white, for both white and dyed leather. Due to its high degree of versatility in application and its good “all-round” performance it is also very suitable as a “general-purpose” syntan for the vast majority of leather applications.

TANIGAN PM is a neutral, anionic, water soluble synthetic product that disperses and accelerates the penetration of vegetable tannin, other retanning agents and dyestuffs. TANIGAN PM significantly accelerates a more uniform uptake and distribution and deeper penetration of such retanning products. This results in improved filling and good tightness, but avoids the grain being overloaded, thus maintaining grain elasticity. Its good dispersing properties of dyestuff lead to a more uniform uptake of dyes and more level dyeing with light, clean colors.