First webinar – Wednesday 22nd January at 18:00 (Hong Kong Time)

Second webinar – Wednesday 26th February at 18:00 (Hong Kong Time)

First webinar – The luxury argument

-Luxury – Should leather be considered for the luxury market only?
-Raw Materials – Supply and demand, Is there enough quality raw material for the luxury market?
-What should be done with lower grades if considering the luxury market only?
-If the industry were to focus on the luxury market would this be sustainable for the entire leather industry?
-How would the leather industry defend itself against attacks from the likes of PETA considering that in this segment some animals are reared and killed purely for their valuable skins?

Second webinar – Why leather should not be purely for the luxury market
-Can the industry be sustainable in the luxury segment only?
-Does the leather industry open itself up for justified attacks by being in the luxury market only?
-How do we fill the void of non-luxury markets?
-What about brands that are not luxury that want to use leather?
-What is considered luxury? Where is the cut off point?

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