This is the first time such a list has been collated in the leather industry and we invite visitors to to put forward suggestions. Closing date Friday July 17. 

What are the criteria to be included in the power list?

  • The most senior member of a large tanning group that has day-to-day involvement in the business.


  • International tanners/groups with plants in different countries and regions.


  • Company/group managing director level and above.


  • Suppliers to the major brands (volume and/or luxury).


  • Owners/senior person of single site mega-tanneries with high production volumes.


  • People who have business power in the leather industry, decision makers and political influence where appropriate.


  • Major suppliers of either or all of the following: upholstery, footwear, garment and leathergoods leathers. Semi processed leathers also count such as wet-blue processors


  • Who are the major players on the world stage: from Asia, South & North America, Europe, Africa & Middle East and the Indian sub-continent.


  • We are NOT looking for senior figures from any parent companies not connected to tanning nor suppliers, traders, agents, associations or those connected to trade fairs, research associations or other trade bodies.


How can you help?

We would be delighted to receive any suggestion to those that would fit the criteria set out above + their position and home country. We will then draw up a list of 20 then write about each individual connected to their business and include a picture.

Your suggestions will remain private and confidential with us. So you can suggest someone even if they are NOT your customer (but wish they were!). 

How will we present the list?

It is impossible to say who has the most power and influence from such a list so we intend to publish the final list of 20 listed alphabetically. 

The readers of Leather International magazine can then decide who is the tanner of all tanners! 

We look forward to your suggestions and look out for the Power List 2009, which will be published in Leather International in the August/September edition. 

Suggestions emailed to the editor: by the closing date