With the Young Leather Scientist Grant award, IULTCS and Leather Naturally would like to make a meaningful contribution towards research in leather. The grants will be given through IULTCS to scientists as additional support at free disposal to promote upcoming innovative Leather Research projects.

The ir. Mike Redwood Grant focusses on innovative environmental techniques applied to the leather industry e.g. wastewater treatment, solid waste and emissions. Studies on sustainable leather processing, new chemicals for leather processing, analytical method development, carbon footprint and water management.

Egbert Dikkers, Chair of Leather Naturally adds ‘We are proud to have the name of our founder connected to this award. Together with the IULTCS and the young students, we will continue to educate society about the crucial role that leather takes in a circular society where nothing is wasted and everything can be reused and ultimately recycled’.

Jean-Pierre Gualino, President of IULTCS says ‘at a time of so much global uncertainty it is very satisfying to see Leather Naturally making this valuable long term commitment to our industry. The young scientists are the very people our industry needs to help us now and into the future, while their spirit and enthusiasm for our industry will be a major motivation to them, an additional financial incentive will only help to encourage them to work hard for our combined futures. I would like to extend my continuing thanks to Leather Naturally for this generous gesture and ensure them that the IULTCS will help find and reward these deserved individuals who can benefit our industry so much’.

Mike Redwood, founder of Leather Naturally added ‘It is a huge honour to be associated with this award. Encouraging young scientists from around the world into the world of leather is vital, and should lead to fulfilling and rewarding careers. Research in these areas makes a meaningful contribution to ensuring leather maintains its place as a top material functionally and environmentally’

More information on the Young Leather Scientist Grant can be found on the website of IULTCS IUR Research Commission > IULTCS