Tanneries and locations: Plants I&II Feldbach, Austria. Plant III, Jennersdorf, Austria. Kidricevo, Slovenia, Varazdin, Croatia. Croatia and Slovenia process leather, cut and sewing operations. Tanneries located in Austria.

Production: 12.4 million square metres of automotive and furniture upholstery leather per annum. Also process split leathers.

Tannery employees: Approximately 1050 in Austria

Key customers/brands: Artanova, Klober, Bruehl, Steelcase, Witt Mann, Loher, VW Group, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Ford, Saab, Recaro, Maybach, Opel, Porsche, BMW Jaguar, Bentley, Audi

Other information: Boxmark Leather are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of high-end upholstery leather for automotive, aviation, home and office furniture, shipping/yachting, railway and outdoor applications. The Schmidt family have been associated with the tannery since it was first established in 1780. The Schmidt-Feldbach name was changed to Boxmark World Leather in 2000 and has been at the forefront of high specification chrome-free leathers demanded by the automotive industry. Under the watch of Magister Schmidt the tannery has processed leathers with a vegetable synthetic tannage and uses heavy-metal free dyes and pigments and solvent free finishes. This allows Boxmark leathers to meet all EU requirements for end-of-life vehicles with all its products.