Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using fabrics, leather, technical textiles and composite materials, has implemented a Versalis® cutting room for Miti, an Italian luxury furniture manufacturer.

Previously, Miti designed and assembled products in-house and subcontracted the leather cutting to external suppliers. However, quality and cost issues motivated Miti’s management team to overhaul production processes to include leather cutting.

“As a supplier to the world’s premium furniture brands, meeting high quality standards and respecting delivery times are non-negotiable for us. We also pride ourselves on creating products that offer excellent value for money,” explains Roberto Poloni, CEO, Miti. “With an internal cutting room equipped with Lectra’s Versalis cutting solution, we gain control over hide consumption and operational costs while ensuring the quality of the cut pieces will satisfy even our most discerning customers.”

The company has already achieved its quality targets and is currently cutting 65 hides per day. Versalis’ sophisticated software and precision cutting have also enabled the company to maximize material efficiency, using over 70% of a hide for some models. To ensure that the new process continues to run smoothly and the company maintains its results over the long term, Lectra experts will continue supporting Miti for the duration of this exciting project.

“The success of such an ambitious project relies on having more than just the best technology. We also needed a company that could offer guidance throughout this transformation. Lectra’s expertise in leather cutting as well as its commitment to being both a technology provider and a long-term partner are the main reasons we chose to work with them on this project,” affirms Roberto Poloni.

“Versalis has a proven track record of helping upholstered furniture manufacturers around the world to consistently achieve high quality, significant material savings, and greater productivity. We look forward to helping Miti achieve these same benefits as we support them in their enterprising endeavor,” states Céline Choussy Bedouet, chief marketing and communications officer, Lectra.