The following product lines will also be highlighted at the exhibition:
•Edaplin MG and Edaplin VA 50 tanning agents.
•Edaplin SH-N and Metolat WP retanning
•Syncurol TW and Syncurol ON, Cuirol SU universal utility fatliquor
•Syncurol LA optimiset specialty chemicals for non-ageing leathers
•Tafigal TDS and Edaplin TG post-tanning auxiliaries
•Ombrellon TAN, Ombrellon 072, Ombrellon 073 and Ombrellon 2770 waterproof agents
•Metolat D, Metolat 100, Metolat LDA, Metolat ED, Metolat EDH degreasing range
Münzing’s leather team and agents in Asia and in China look forward to welcoming you on their stand.
Hall W2 Stand C16-15, German Pavillion