Moore & Giles, a prominent US leather goods brand, recently unveiled its first carbon neutral leathers within the Mont Blanc and Tribeca product lines. This accomplishment was realized through a comprehensive strategy that involved carbon offsetting measures and the implementation of environmental enhancements at the company’s Virginia headquarters.

Key initiatives contributing to this milestone included the adoption of carbon-neutral shipping practices, the integration of solar energy to power facilities, and the sequestration of carbon through the transformation of onsite acreage into a native meadow. These measures not only underscore Moore & Giles’ commitment to environmental responsibility but also showcase their proactive approach towards mitigating their carbon footprint.

In addition to these efforts, Moore & Giles goes beyond by providing a verified life cycle assessment and Environmental Product Declaration, offering transparency in their sustainability practices. The company sourced its carbon offsets from globally recognized and verified projects, reinforcing their dedication to supporting credible initiatives.

Beverly McAuley, LFA, Senior Director of Sustainability & Education at Moore & Giles, said: “Moore & Giles is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and understands the importance of reducing our carbon impact. In combination with our internal initiatives, innovative plant-based tanning methods and stringent third-party certifications, adding the achievement of carbon neutral leather to our portfolio of sustainable attributes is a testament to our dedication to creating a sustainable future.”