Scottish upholstery leather maker Andrew Muirhead’s unique brand of low carbon leather has been selected for the business and premium class carriages of a luxurious new electric-powered inter-city train service in the Czech Republic.

Leo Express will operate an initial eight return services per day between Praha (Prague) and Ostrava, with five trains carrying 237 passengers in three classes – premium, business and economy. Now in service for just over one month, Leo Express has been universally congratulated on the quality and comfort of its carriages.

Carrying passengers between the two launch cities at 160km/h, the journey time from Praha to Ostrava is just over three hours, with the additional cities of Ceské, Budejovice, Wien (Vienna) and Plzen set to become part of the service in the future.

Operator owner Leos Novotny says: "Our aim is to reinvent railways in central Europe and we look forward to expanding with more trains in neighbouring countries in the future."

Andrew Muirhead Sales Director, Archie Browning, said: "Leo Express is already proving very popular, with the comfort and quality of its carriages and seats by Borcad a particular highlight for many passengers. We believe our luxurious high performance leather plays a big part in the ambience of the business and premium class compartments."

He added: "Engineered and built by Stadler, specialists in electrified rail, the trains are designed to be green, and with Muirhead low carbon leather adorning the business and premium carriage seats, travellers can come on board with a very clear environmental conscience."