The ERCC has been running for just over six months and already has more than 70 members who represent Emirates in a number of challenges all over the world, including the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge, the Yas Criterium, the Coast to Coast Challenge, the Cape Argus and the Tour of Cyprus.

In addition to the international races above, ERCC also hosts local rides for members and has recently launched the first 10-mile Individual Time Trial, where riders will compete against the clock. These new time trials will become regular events around the world allowing member riders to monitor progress and benchmark themselves against others internationally.

Muirhead sales director, Archie Browning, said: "The unique Muirhead brand of high performance low carbon leather features across the Emirates international network, on the aircraft, in airport lounges, chauffeur cars and even on the airside buses. We are very pleased to now also be a part of the Emirates community on two wheels through the ERCC around the world, and look forward to welcoming some of the members to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games next year."