THEMA System changed their address on June 6 to Via J F Kennedy 31, Zona ind le Fontanelle, 56020 Montopoli in Val D’Arno, tel: +39 0571/468342 or 0571/489495; fax: +39 0571/467801; email:

Thema’s core business is the production of aerial overhead chain conveyor systems for hides and skins.

Thema hold numerous patents related to the different leather hookup and handling systems for different applications, including automatic hide/skin loading and unloading systems working in conjunction with chain conveyors and automatic transfer of the hides/skins to tables, pallets or horses.

Thema have also specially developed their dryers for conditioning the leather including continuous cycle tunnel dryers (such as the overhead type TH003 model), and also conditioning rooms or spaces that contain aerial conveyors (eg. the ‘Dry Room’ TH004 system).

Thema have invested in further development and produce sophisticated process control systems for leather conditioning and drying such as those utilised in a range of tunnel dryers from Tunnel TH003 Plus model to Tunnel TH009 model, with continuous drying. Thema’s latest innovation is the ‘Thema Dry Control’ system applied to their tunnel dryer TH009.