Portuguese footwear exports in 2013 increased by 8% to €1.70 billion, according to recent data released by the Portuguese Association of Industrial Footwear, Components, Leather Goods and their Substitutes (APICCAPS).

Data further suggests that Portugal exported about 74 million pairs of footwear last year, amounting to €1.70 billion, a sector that has grown by 28% since 2010.

Footwear exports from Portugal to non-EU nations surged 47% to €223 million compared to €151 million in 2012, while exports to EU countries totaled €1.51 billion in 2013, a rise of 3.8% from 2012. Meanwhile, Portugal imported around 50 million pairs of shoes, totalling €427 million, which is an 2.8% rise compared to 2012.