The latest edition of Inspiramais in Sao Paulo is underway to examine the trends for winter 2018. Although geared mostly for the South American market, this show offered twice a year for manufacturers of clothing, footwear, accessories and furniture  is a consistent source of inspiration where Brazilian ideas resonate internationally.

The challenge every six months, said Walter Rodrigues, design coordinator of Assintecal, is to be innovative and globally attractive while maintaining an adherence to Brazilian identity.

Inspiramais, a partnership between the Brazilian Association of Companies for Leather, Footwear and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal), and the Center for the Brazilian Tanning Industries (CICB), also an event organiser, has over 20 kinds of leather and 18 tanneries at the Leather Preview.

According to event organisers, the idea of the event is to plug fashion gaps by offering a base for the next collections. "Form is the desire of the consumer," said Rodrigues to Leather International, "so originality comes from what materials you use."