LGR’s famous two-year training course to become a state-certified leather technical engineer (staatlich anerkannter Ledertechniker) provides the technical management of tomorrow’s leather and chemical agent industry with sound knowledge of the theoretical and technological fundamentals of leather manufacture. It enables the graduates to assume responsible, independent functions in the fields of production, development and also application engineering.
The practical traineeship in tanning, dyeing and finishing offered in the institute’s own teaching tannery is unique anywhere in the world. This application-oriented approach is offered on this scale only by the Lederinstitut Gerberschule Reutlingen. The school of leather engineering also benefits from the institute’s activities in the area of research and development, whose results are integrated into the tuition and practical training curriculum.
Future career options for graduates of the programme include:
•LGR plans to offer a ‘Process manager leather manufacturing’ qualification in year 1 of the two-year course (in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce).
•Successful graduates from LGR’s two-year course have the chance to enter the final year (year 3) of the BSc course at BSLT, University of Northampton/UK for the BSc Materials Technology degree (Leather).
For more details please visit http://www.lgr-reutlingen.de