The LWG environmental audit protocol was jointly developed by the most important tanners, footwear brands and industry experts and reviewed by the World Wildlife Fund US.
According to the LWG audit, Sadesa’s plant in Thailand exceeds the parameters established to achieve the ‘gold’ rating and represents an example to be followed by other industry players.
During their visit to the plant, the auditors highlighted the efforts made by Sadesa in terms of water and energy savings, with a target of reduction in the order of 30%. Another landmark was the water treatment plant that has been recently upgraded to exceed local regulations and ensure the company can always meet its obligations.
Likewise, the audit favourably reflected the order and cleanliness of the facilities, achieved through implementation of the 5S program. No hazardous or non-hazardous waste was encountered at the plant, as a result of the waste management system in operation.
Finally, according to the evaluation of LWG, Sadesa’s corporate policy on restricted substances is more stringent that any basic RSL policy and endeavours to meet the most demanding requirements from its customers.
The GOLD award received by Sadesa at its plant in Thailand highlights the relentless efforts made in terms of environmental issues.
Through their SAFE (Sadesa Friendly Environmental) program, the company have been allocating more than 25% of investments to environmental protection for many years now, thereby reiterating their commitment to the development of a sustainable industry.
Sadesa is one of the largest tanning groups in the world, specializing in high quality bovine leather for the most demanding footwear, leathergoods and upholstery companies. The company operates ten industrial facilities throughout South America and Asia, with a worldwide raw material structure and a global sales network of offices and commercial alliances in the five continents.