The Saint-Céré slaughterhouse has positioned itself to supply luxury leather goods with leather and skin, reports La Depeche. The slaughterhouse is being revived and reworked with the move to relaunch is already well under way. Forty breeders visited the site at the invitation of Cauvaldor and the Chamber of Agriculture. They were able to learn about the development of the site, both in terms of meat supply and the skin and leather industry.

The Lot Chamber of Agriculture, the Sanitary Defense Group and the slaughterhouse have worked together for more than a year to improve the quality of calf hides, which are renowned for being used in luxury leather goods. The partners are focused on supporting breeders to keep animals in perfect condition, without scars due to fences or insect and tick bites, the paper reports.

At the same time, the slaughterhouse trained its teams in processing the skins, from cutting to salting and conservation.

Laurent Magot, director of the Lot Chamber of Agriculture, says that seven slaughterhouses in the south of France have undertaken the same efforts as part of the Leather Excellence Sector Nouvelle-Aquitaine FECNA project. These are Ussel, Thiviers, Lubersac, Brives, Argentat, Bessines and Saint-Céré which was already specialized and recognized for the quality of its veal throughout France.

Supplying tanners with luxury leather goods is challenging. Depending on the quality of the product, its price can vary from €10 to €100.  Magot says that tanners are very meticulous and every detail counts when trying to obtain top quality skin and leather.