Smit & zoon, global supplier of wet-end and finishing leather chemicals for tanneries, has announced the completion of the acquisition of Italian leather chemicals producer Codyeco.

Providing a full range of leather chemicals – including wet-end, finishing and beamhouse products – the Santa Croce sull’Arno headquartered company supports Smit & zoon’s growth strategy as well as its dedication to the leather industry. Because of this acquisition, both companies can expect their customers to benefit from a broader product portfolio, joint strengths in regards to product innovations and a strong focus on making the leather value chain more sustainable.

A family business

Not only do both companies focus on innovation and sustainability, the company cultures are also a great match. Marc Smit, 7th generation owner of Smit & zoon, said: “As a 7th generation family business, Smit & zoon has a long term focus and the generations to come are naturally top of mind. Before its acquisition Star Capital in 2013, Codyeco was a family owned business, just like Smit & zoon. With this acquisition, we will bring Codyeco’s employees back to their heritage: being part of a family business.”

Stronger product portfolio and a global network

Together, Smit & zoon and Codyeco can offer a broader product portfolio, including beamhouse chemicals, wet-end auxiliaries, fatliquors, syntans, dyes and finishing chemicals. “Smit & zoon is specifically strong in the areas of automotive and upholstery leathers, while Codyeco’s main strength lies in the luxury shoe and leather goods segment. This will also be an area where both companies can complement each other,” Hans van Haarst, CEO of Smit & zoon, adds. “Codyeco will benefit from Smit & zoon’s global network and its complete range of fatliquors, syntans and pigments. I am confident that together we will form a very strong combination with impactful presence in all market segments.”

Focus on research and development of sustainable new products

Both Smit & zoon and Codyeco are known for their high quality products, their excellent technical support and their focus on research and development. Both companies have sustainability as an integral part of their strategy. César Knebel, CEO of Codyeco, said: “It is our ambition to make the leather value chain more sustainable. By combining Smit & zoon’s and Codyeco’s R&D efforts and reliable customer network, we will be able to have a bigger impact on this in a faster pace. Smit & zoon will benefit from Codyeco’s in–depth knowledge of dyes, wet-end – and finishing products as well as from our customized and fashion driven approach.”