The Footwear and Leathers Export Council of South Africa, is on a mission to help South African manufacturers gain a foothold in the Ghanaian market during the Outward Trade and Investment Mission to Ghana, which takes place this week.

Tavonga Gonyora, the council’s vice-chairperson, will be one of around 30 South African business people travelling to Ghana in search of investment and trade opportunities in the West African country.

The council represents about 200 South African footwear and leather manufacturers, and is tasked with ensuring that its members are exposed to different markets around the world to increase the exports of footwear products.

“The aim is to create mutually beneficial value chains in both countries where we will provide our products to the Ghanaian entities to distribute, and they will generate revenue through the distribution of our products,” said Gonyora.

He added that research he conducted on the Ghanaian leather industry showed there were a number of opportunities that South African companies could take advantage of.

“Our objective for travelling to Ghana is to get as many of our members as possible to partner with the local Ghanaian people,” said Gonyora.