Chemical company Stahl is launching the first Stahl Campus® training facility outside Europe. Juan Antonio Frías has been appointed as Stahl Campus Manager México and will coordinate all corresponding activities in Léon.

Since the opening of Stahl Campus in 2014, more than 180 visitors from all over the world successfully completed a training programme. The students followed a one to five-day course and came from over 30 parties.

The training service in Léon, Mexico, facilitates the sharing of knowledge regarding product handling procedures, responsibility and safety, while simultaneously helping partners in North and South America grow their business in a sustainable manner.

Mexico has the largest conglomeration of leather goods tanneries in the world, with a focus on car leather, and is the second largest producer of leather shoes worldwide.

"There is still a lot to gain throughout the supply chain when it comes to sustainability in the Americas," Frans van den Heuvel, global Stahl Campus Manager explains. "With the opening of Stahl Campus®, we will strengthen our international reach. Under the supervision of Juan Antonio Frías, we can learn to create the future we imagine today."

Stahl Campus in Léon is part of the Center of Excellence in Léon and offers several training modules that cover the entire leather supply chain. Later this year, Stahl Campus will expand to Guangzhou, China.