Claus Reineking, Global Technical Director Leather at Stahl: "The Stahl EleGrade™ portfolio offers improved performance properties, an efficient cost-benefit ratio and a versatile range in upgrading, from fine to high upgrading. Besides, the solutions are easy to use in application as they support all conventional means of application and have a good response to mechanical operations. In short, Stahl EleGrade™ improves the aesthetic look or performance of the leather in a superior, efficient and simple way.”
The range of products caters to all types of upgrading requirements. The EleGrade™ portfolio consists of 3 products: the Aquabase system, the Melio® Ground system and the Mirage® system.

Aquabase system
The Aquabase system focuses on corrected grain or split leather with high performance. It is ideal for leather intended to be used for automotive, furniture, shoes & leather goods. The Aquabase system is easy-to-use in terms of hand application or reverse roll coater machine, while the resultant leather can be characterized as smooth, elegant and durable. 

Melio® Ground System
This tailor-made solution for pre-base or sealer-coat has outstanding sealing and is ideal for leather intended to be used for furniture, classic shoes & leather goods. It ensures efficient film formation while maintaining excellent inter-coats adhesion. The resultant leather remains soft and flexible for versatile use from light to high level of upgradation.

Mirage® System
This range is characterized by reduced film formation for retaining a natural look and elegance of the leather. It is ideal for leathers with uneven surfaces, grain-off issues or mild defects. The Mirage® system ensures efficient sealing properties with uniform levelling of the surface. This range includes a pre-base system with specialty additives to enhance performance.

The Stahl EleGrade™ range complies with the Zero Discharge to Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) MRSL.