Specialty chemistry company Stahl has introduced two label-free carbodiimide crosslinkers – Picassian XL-755 and Picassian XL-762 – that offer a range of safe-to-use and sustainable crosslinker options for a variety of applications.

Ideal for use with paints, coatings, printing, and packaging as well as a wide range of other applications, the introduction of Picassian XL-755 and Picassian XL-762 underlines Stahl’s commitment to driving Responsible Chemistry throughout the industry. 

The two new label-free and VOC-free additions to the company’s carbodiimide crosslinkers portfolio deliver a very high crosslinking performance, are extremely easy to use and exhibit a much longer useful pot life than other crosslinkers. Often used crosslinkers include isocyanates, which have the disadvantages of having a limited pot-life and high sensibility to moisture. Aziridines have also been the standard for crosslinking for a long time. However, their use is decreasing enormously in specific applications due to their toxicity, handling limitations and serious health risks for employees and customers. Even the latest aziridine market developments are still classified. Stahl’s new carbodiimide crosslinkers have now set a new standard, being the most sustainable, safe and easy-to-use option for high-performance crosslinking.

Stahl highly believes in label-free technology and is focused on improving the company’s portfolio to meet market demands and specific customer needs. “Stahl’s R&D and application departments are continuously working together with global coating market leaders”, says Raymond Bakker, global business director polymers at Stahl Polymers. “As a result, we can now introduce two unique types to our current carbodiimide portfolio that meet the highest safety and environmental standards. We recently had the privilege to be able to help some leading global coating producers to make a successful transition from traditional aziridines towards our carbodiimide technology.”

Picassian XL-755

Picassian XL-755 offers high reactivity and excellent performance that make it ideal for use in many industries. These include coatings, paints and printing and packaging applications. Containing additional functional groups, Picassian XL-755 is also included in Stahl’s range of special multifunctional polycarbodiimides that contains additional reactive groups which react towards functional groups in the resin or corresponding groups. This increases the crosslinking capacity as both the carbodiimide and the additional reactive functional group contribute to the crosslinking. Further, Picassian XL-755 consists of 100% solids, is VOC-free and is Swiss Ordinance approved for indirect food contact.

Picassian XL-762

Picassian XL-762 is a 100% solids polycarbodiimide crosslinker, suitable for use in a variety of applications, including coatings, paints, printing and packaging. It offers a very long pot life of up to several weeks in some formulations, depending on the type of resin and other components used in the application mixture. Being VOC-free, it can be used in zero-VOC systems and improves resistance to chemicals, wear and abrasion.

Classification-free and easy to use crosslinkers 

As polycarbodiimide crosslinkers, Picassian XL-755 and Picassian XL-762 are both safe to use and the most sustainable choice for crosslinking. Toxicological studies have shown that polycarbodiimides are not harmful, do not irritate, do not sensitize and are non-toxic. Because of this, both Picassian XL-755 and Picassian XL-762 are not classified and would be the safest option for both employees and customers. 

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