Stahl, PALI Group, Vitelco, Rompa Tanneries and Rompa Leder used the interactive ReVeal event in the Netherlands on 2 November to promote transparency and traceability across the leather supply chain.

The companies presented to various consumer brands how high-quality Dutch calf leather can be produced for their leather goods, footwear and garments. ReVeal brought full transparency through each stage of the calf leather supply chain and included a visit to a farm and a tannery.

The aim was to provide decision makers with alternatives that improve animal welfare and reduce environmental impact without compromising on leather quality.

During ReVeal, luxury brands could trace where and under what conditions the leather articles have been produced. The event also showcased environmentally friendly products including Proviera – Probiotics for Leather, a range of probiotic-based products used in the beamhouse step, and Stahl EasyWhite Tan, a chrome-free tanning system for manufacturing high-quality leather.