Waalwijk, October 12, 2022 – Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, is to offer a dedicated portfolio of low-impact, high-performance adhesive and bonding solutions. As an initial step, Stahl will introduce three dedicated adhesive products, under the RelcaBond® brand name, designed primarily for customers operating in the automotive sector, as well as other markets.

Stahl’s expansion into the adhesive and bonding segment builds on the company’s longstanding presence in the elastomer coatings market. With the RelcaSil® product range, Stahl has developed a reputation for offering durable, reliable, high-performance coatings. The company is also leading on environmental stewardship by developing solutions that have a lower environmental impact than traditional market alternatives.

Stahl’s adhesive and bonding product offering draws on the company’s long-standing research and innovation focus in the automotive space. This is channeled through Stahl’s dedicated Centers of Excellence for Automotive, from supporting product development to advanced technologies and testing equipment. Equally, Stahl is able to offer extensive technical and research and development support to automotive customers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers.

Mel Micham, Global Market Director, Stahl Performance Coatings: “At Stahl, our aim is always to remain close to our customers and give them the tools and support they need to keep pace with fast-changing market requirements. This includes improving both the performance and the environmental credentials of products and applications. By building on our strong foothold in adjacent markets, we are proud to offer a unique range of low-impact, high-performance adhesive products that are truly best in class.”

Stahl’s expansion into the adhesive and bonding market will begin with the following products: 

RelcaBond® 815

RelcaBond® 815 is a low-VOC flock adhesive that provides excellent adhesion to vulcanized rubber and is ideally suited to automotive customers. This adhesive is non-staining, as well as being BTX- and HAP-free. It also offers superior flock density, durability, adhesion, and chemical resistance.

The product is designed for the adhesion of polyester or nylon flock fibers to a variety of elastomer substrates. It protects the rubber sealing from wear, facilitates glass sliding, and contributes to noise reduction and increased passenger comfort.

RelcaBond® 650

RelcaBond® 650 is a glass encapsulation adhesive that offers a more sustainable, water-based alternative to traditional solvent-based solutions. RelcaBondÒ 650 provides a glass-to-polymer bond for automotive modular windows, including encapsulated side and rear windows and windshields. It works by forming a strong bond between the polymer and the window glass during the encapsulation process. Stahl is initially launching RelcaBondÒ 650 in selected markets, with roll-out on a global scale.

Rubber-to-metal adhesives

Stahl currently has a portfolio of rubber-to-metal adhesives in the development phase. These innovative solutions work on elastomers that need to be bonded to metal, and their applications extend far beyond the automotive industry. In particular, Stahl is focused on exploring the development of more sustainable, water-based alternatives to the traditional solvent-based products that currently dominate the rubber-to-metal adhesives segment.

Uwe Siebgens, Global Director, Stahl Performance Coatings: “With the new RelcaBondÒ series, Stahl is extending its portfolio of responsible chemicals into the field of adhesives and bonding agents. This represents a natural next step in our successful journey to offer sustainable, high-performing solutions for the coatings industry.”