Waalwijk – Stahl, an active proponent of responsible chemistry, will attend the K 2022 event in Düsseldorf, Germany during 19–26 October. The company will present its latest product innovations. Its range of coating solutions delivers low-impact, high-performance outcomes in a wide variety of industries and applications. To discover Stahl’s complete portfolio of innovations, attendees can find Stahl at Hall 7A, Booth B15.

Stahl’s continuing commitment to building a more responsible chemicals industry has seen the company recently expand its rollout of responsible technologies with a reduced impact on the environment. In particular, Stahl will use K 2022 as an opportunity to showcase products made using renewable and bio-based feedstocks, water-based solutions, and with fewer process steps. With these innovations, Stahl aims to push the boundaries of both performance and care for the environment, with applications across a wide range of industries, including automotive, architecture, and packaging.

Stahl’s Sensora® range comprises five high-performance coatings for packaging, each with a unique sensory profile – velvety, rubbery, silky, dry, and textured – to help brands improve the sensory perception of their packaging and products. Using advanced water-based PolyMatte® technology, Sensora® is compatible with a wide range of manufacturing processes. These include offset printing, flexography, and rotogravure printing on paper, BOPP, PET, and other polyolefin films.

Derived from renewable feedstocks, such as plant-based biomass and carbon captured from industrial processes, NuVera® renewable carbon polyurethanes offer manufacturers a solution for reducing their environmental impact. The NuVera® range currently contains up to 75% renewable carbon content and is tested and certified via the ASTM D6866 carbon isotope method. Stahl is committed to developing this technology further and is also part of an interregional research group that is paving the way toward fully bio-based polyurethanes (the BioNIPU project).

Automotive interior solutions
In a fast-changing mobility sector, Stahl works with partners along the supply chain to help them meet their product development goals in a safe, responsible way. The range of interior seat and trim coating solutions on display at K 2022 is designed to help automotive manufacturers reduce their Scope 3 emissions by enabling low-impact components with consistently excellent performance. The Seat & Trim portfolio includes a range of advanced low-impact technologies, including Stahl Stay Clean®, NuVera® for automotive, and carbodiimide crosslinkers.

Stahl Stay Silent®
Stahl Stay Silent® is an advanced noise suppression coating for PVC and PU synthetics that helps to create cabin environments suitable for the electric mobility revolution. Stahl Stay Silent® provides effective noise suppression over the vehicle’s entire lifetime, as well as offering a range of high-performance features, such as low VOC content, high abrasion resistance, and soft-touch haptics. This will enable designers to create high-quality, luxurious interiors for cars, airplanes, and public transport, ready for an all-electric mobility future.

RelcaSil® elastomer coatings and RelcaBond® elastomer adhesives
Stahl’s adhesive and bonding product offering draws on the company’s long-standing research and innovation focus in the automotive space. The result is a range of coatings and adhesive solutions with a reduced environmental impact, including the RelcaSil® hybrid silicone urethane coatings and RelcaBond® adhesive families.

Integra® is a versatile technology toolbox that leverages the best of Stahl’s polymer expertise and flame-retardance capabilities to enable customers to meet the most specific demands around compliance, ESG, and quality in the flame-retardant and protective coatings space. The flexible, integrated solution enables a streamlined manufacturing process and a lower environmental impact, while simultaneously ensuring product quality and superior fabric integrity.

Uwe Siebgens, Group Director, Performance Coatings & Polymers: “Stahl is proud to be presenting such a broad range of high performance and low-impact innovations at K 2022. Each of our products represents another step toward our goal of reducing the environmental impact of coatings and adhesives, while never compromising on the quality and performance customers and end-users expect from Stahl. These products embody our purpose and point the way toward a bright future where we can help different industries reduce their environmental impacts.”