The demand for chromium-free tanning continues to increase – not only for automotive leathers but for shoe and leather goods as well. TFL has established itself as one of the leading companies for free of chromium technology and is continuously optimising its product portfolio.

With the recent changes to the classification for Glutaraldehyde (GA) in Several Asian countries and the EU in mind, TFL has developed SELLATAN® LI-G Liq with an optimised GA content.

This non-ionic pre-tanning agent features a low vapour pressure to substantially reduce the typical aldehyde smell during application, thereby helping to improve workplace health and safety.

The highly masked SELLATAN® LI-G Liq also features an excellent penetration and distribution throughout the cross-section – even on full substance pelts. It is highly efficient as almost all GA applied is exhausted from the bath. In addition it reduces the drying out of the wet-white and provides a good wetting back behaviour.