As one of the main sponsors of the global IULTCS (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies) Congress in Dresden, Germany, from 25-28 June 2019 TFL is giving two presentations at the event.

The topic of this year's congress is Benign by Design, which is the overriding principle in many green chemistry and sustainability initiatives.

The two scientific papers that TFL is going to present at the congress can be described as follows:

  • Evaluating the performance limits of Automotive leathers (Age flexing behaviour).

The ageing performance of automotive leather coatings is complex to determine and TFL has taken a 'full system approach' to determine how best to make high performance, long lasting automotive leather coatings.

  • Modern unhairing technologies for effective control of H2S release from Beamhouse operations
  • The toxicity and unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas is an issue for the leather industry that has been contained rather than eliminated in tannery practice. TFL shows how the release of hydrogen sulphide from beamhouse operations can be effectively controlled by a combination of technologies involving more effective unhairing with lower amounts of reductive agents, replacement of inorganic sulphide by organic thio compound and the use of H2S scavengers.

TFL is looking forward to be an active part of this big international convention and to present its latest scientific findings in order to support the leather making process of our customers and enhance the final product further in its durability and sustainability.