Starting February 3rd, 2014 every weekday of February, the month that boasts Valentine’s Day and reminds us to express our love, Townsend Leather will be celebrating reasons to love leather at Townsend Leather’s blog ( Everyone can get involved by liking Townsend Leather on Facebook ( and following on Twitter (

Townsend Leather LOVES leather. You love leather, everyone who has ever sat on, smelled, held, specified, or created leather – loves leather. We wanted to take some time in this month-of-love, to express some of the lovely things about leather. Kind of like daily love letters to leather. We call it For the Love of Leather, you can see the first example and more about our Leather loving at our blog ( or the more share-able link (

We will keep the conversation going on our Facebook page, where anyone can even submit their own reasons for loving leather. Your ode to leather may even be featured as one of the 20 reasons we post throughout the month! We will also have a couple of opportunities to win prizes, we might announce a guessing game to see if you can guess the following day’s reason to love leather amongst other challenges, and you could even win a prize for "Spreading The Love" – sharing our posts and spreading the word about Townsend’s Leather-Love-Fest could make you a winner.


Townsend Leather is a luxury upholstery leather manufacturer in upstate New York. Serving designers in all markets (aviation, hospitality, contract, transportation…) in every corner of the planet. Utilizing leather’s natural beauty and enhancing it with any custom artistic or designed element desired, Townsend is deeply in love with leather and satisfying out customers.
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