The Turkish manufacturing industry’s capacity utilisation rate (CUR) increased month-on-month in September, marking the fourth straight monthly rise, according to data. The local manufacturing industry units operated at 78.1% of their capacity this month, up one point from August, according to a Turkish Central Bank survey released on Friday.

Among the main industrial groups, the highest CUR was 79.9% for intermediate goods, while the lowest was 72.5% for food and beverage. On the sectoral side, the highest capacity usage was in the manufacturing of wood and wood/cork products, excluding furniture, at 84.5% in September, while the lowest was in leather production with 63.7%.

The figures are based on responses to the bank’s business tendency survey by local units operating in the manufacturing industry, the bank said. The monthly data – collected from 1,765 companies in September – does not reflect the bank’s views or predictions, it added.