Turkey’s manufacturing industry capacity utilisation rate rose to its highest level in one and a half years, in June on a monthly basis, according to official data announced last week. The industry used 76.6% of its capacity this month, up 1.3 percentage points from last month, a Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) survey revealed.

The bank said the monthly data, gathered from 1,746 companies in June, is independent and does not reflect its own views or predictions. The capacity utilisation figures are based on the responses given to its business tendency survey by local units operating in the manufacturing industry, it said.

Among the main industrial groups, the capacity utilisation rate was highest in intermediate goods with 79.8%, while the lowest capacity usage was 72.2% in investment goods. On the sectoral side, the highest capacity usage was in the manufacturing of wood and wood/cork products – excluding furniture – with 85.6% this month, while the lowest rate was seen in leather production with 62.5%.