Within the framework of the Tanzania United Nations Development Assistance Programme, UNIDO has launched an online training course entitled 'How to deal with hydrogen sulphide'.

Hydrogen sulphide gas present in tanneries and effluent treatment plants has proven fatal to workers exposed to it.

Owners and managers of tanneries and effluent treatment plants must be fully aware of the dangers posed by this poisonous gas, take all preventive and precautionary measures to protect the workforce from exposure to this gas and know how to deal with the situation should exposure occur.

The course is deisgned to help tanners, tannery managers and operators acquaint themselves with the basic principles of how to deal with hydrogen sulphide gas.

The on-line course developed by UNIDO provides an opportunity for the proper training within tanneries related to danger associated with hydrogen sulphide gas. After finishing the test with minimum score 80%, participants will receive the certificate and will be able to download it.