GSC Group, a leading Italian chemical company, supplying chemical products to the tanning industry, launches a new digital format to inspire our customers and provide an interesting series for everyone to learn from. With its new series of videos that show the importance of chemical-physical tests for the world of leather. The company shows, for the first time, its knowledge on technical topics, informing and showing many details that are informative to all.

GSC Group continuously carries out chemical and physical tests on leather for its customers. This gave us the experience to begin working on the idea of an educational project to give not only our customers, but also operators, students and enthusiasts from all over the world, a tool that would enable them to understand the causes, procedures and results of the tests that are required daily, to meet current regulations, particularly with regards to the environmental impact.

Fogging Test: the first series in three video tutorials

The first published series was rewarded with tens of thousands of views across all individual chapters. Three video tutorials from the first series on Fogging Test are currently available. They have been well received by users not only because they support a market demand for answers to their questions in specific technical areas, but also because of the special format. They show, step by step, how to carry out the Fogging Test, which is required above all in the automotive sector, in order to check and measure the phenomenon of ‘fogging’, i.e. the amount of condensate that is deposited on the glass, making it hard to see through the windscreen and windows, which is caused by volatile organic components from the interior trim.

“We are enthusiastic about this challenge. We believe that making available, to everyone, a detailed illustration of many of the tests that customers ask us for and showing our know-how is an added value.  The extremely positive feedback shown by the number of views confirms our intuition” says Adriano Serafini, CEO of GSC Group“The aim is to inform in a useful and practical way and to become a vehicle for the market by offering content that is easy to use and find. We want to give life to an ongoing format that can reach a wide audience, in which we address and resolve multiple issues linked by an invisible thread. In fact, the message we hope will be received is, how much work and technology there is in the tanning industry from the formulation of chemical products, to the development of eco-sustainable leathers for different sectors. Given the resounding success of the series, we already have more videos in the pipeline that will be released in the coming months”.