It is estimated that a shoe company with about 9,000 employees will have to spend nearly $1 million on precautions, but the cost of input material has risen by 5-10%.

Vu Duc Giang, chairman of the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS), said that as the pandemic continues to grow, companies may not be able to sustain and stabilize their businesses and retain their customers.

To restore production, the Ministry of Industry and Elade (MoIT) will remove bottlenecks, reopen factories and provide maximum support to leverage orders in Western markets at the end of the year, according to media outlets. increase.

MoIT will also strengthen the implementation of its textile and footwear development strategy by 2030, with a vision for 2035, and strengthen the establishment of programs for sustainable development of the sector by 2030.

We will strive to expand the export market, take advantage of existing free trade agreements, diversify export items, and improve the competitiveness of our products and brands.