St Michaels Resort, boasting 96 distinct bedrooms and the South West’s largest hydrothermal pool, needed a versatile booking platform that could seamlessly adapt to fluctuating guest demand and the resort’s diverse accommodation options.

Previously over-reliant on laboursome phone sales and OTAs while working with a basic provider, St Michaels found Profitroom’s services as a tech game-changer, boosting online direct reservations by over 100%.

Profitroom’s initiatives not only enhanced online traffic conversion but also transformed the online availability of unique packages which drove room revenue up 16% YTD. 

This was of high importance to St Michaels Resort, which distinguishes itself through its diverse facilities, from indulgent spa and gym experiences to wellness retreats and  reservations at its renowned restaurant. 

Since working with Profitroom, St Michaels are able to seamlessly offer packages at every customer touchpoint, showcasing the uniqueness of the property and location and differentiating them from competition. This has led to an incredible surge in online package sales from zero to 42% within just a few months.

This is joined by a unique and intuitive back office which enables hotel personnel like Stuart Beveridge at St Michaels to build personalised offerings in just a few minutes and dynamically respond to fluctuating seasons and occupancy levels.

Stuart Beveridge Head of Marketing at St Michaels Resort, said: “Working with Profitroom has revolutionised our operations. Profitroom has felt like an extension of our own team and their commitment to delivering highly personalised service and always-on-hand customer care, has surpassed all previous experiences. 

“What we found most interesting in the partnership is the dynamic sales tactics we can employ within a few minutes.

“This was particularly evident over the past 3 months, where our collaboration with Profitroom has boosted our January sales by 32% year-on-year. 

“This resonated very well with our results in January specifically, where 95% of all reservations made online were package-led with multiple offers, inclusions and tailored stay offerings for all our guests.

Profitroom’s platform also tracks the level of the resort’s room unavailability rate, when site visitors encounter no availability within their preferred dates of stay. Tracking this in tandem with website traffic allows staff like Stuart at St Michaels to adjust marketing spending, reallocating resources from PPC and paid ads when they are unable to convert due to unavailability. Instead, St Michaels can put in more effort and invest in alternative date ranges, boosting their marketing campaign effectiveness and driving better results in their booking window patterns.

Stuart said: “We have been so impressed with Profitroom’s suite of services that we have recently onboarded our final self-catered apartment properties onto Profitroom to equally improve its conversion rate.

“This takes pressure off the phones so staff can focus on providing high guest satisfaction and reduces our reliance on OTAs.”

Patryk Luszcz, UK Director at Profitroom, said: “We take great pride in nurturing strong relationships with all our clients. The success achieved at St Michaels Resort underscores our commitment to understanding what is unique to each property, the specific needs of each hotelier and its target audience.

“In a world where personalisation is key, we want to make our hoteliers’ lives as easy as possible with cutting-edge operation, sales and marketing tools to enable them to have more time to create unique experiences for their guests.”

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