Brazil's leather sector has welcomed a new representative in the select group of companies certified by the Brazilian Leather Certification of Sustainability (CSCB). Mats Beneficiamento de Couros was recognised at the Gold Level, attesting to its best practices in the tripod of economy, society, and the environment, in accordance with the ABNT NBR 16.296 norm, audited by a body accredited by INMETRO (signing organ of the mutual recognition agreement in the International Accreditation Forum and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation framework). On 7 November, a gala for clients, partners, and representatives of this sector will take place in Estância Velha to celebrate the achievement.

In Campo Bom, at the company's headquarters, a special moment was organised to mark this distinction with employees, management, and the board of directors; as well as representatives from the Centre for the Brazilian Tanning Industry (CICB). 

Tannery director Mauro Pedro Becker spoke about the process of continuous improvement that certification proposes and the strength of the environmental pillar as part of the set of CSCB indicators. "We need to pay special attention to the environment because we all depend on it to live. The certification supports us in this sense and it is up to us to improve every detail in our processes whenever possible," he said.

For the next three years a schedule of audits, assessments, and recertification has been set within the company to maintain the Gold Level or perhaps achieve the Diamond Level, ensuring Mats' commitment to excellence. Currently, two other tanneries have certification (Courovale by BCM and Fuga Couros).