In order to meet increased production requirements, Wollsdorf Leder have acquired a new facility in Wilhelmsburg, Austria. The company invested €1 million in modernisation of the tannery’s machinery park in late 2004, and the plant has been operational since January 2005.

Over the past two years, Wollsdorf Leder’s turnover has increased by 30%, taking production capacity at the main facility to its limit and creating a need to expand.

Traditional tannery WB Ledererzeugungs GmbH, in Wilhelmsburg ran into financial difficulty in late 2003 and was purchased by Wollsdorf in September 2004. The facility will be expanded to house a competence centre for high-class upholstery and aircraft leather, with a target production capacity of 400 hides per day. The main plant at Wollsdorf will concentrate on automotive leather.